I offer services to help those who work in or are interested in machine learning engineering. See the following sections for what I can do for you, and how to get started.

Project Accelerator

Are you working on a data science problem? Want to apply machine learning to a problem for the first time and don't know how to get started? This service will take your project and give you a leg-up by providing insights into your problem and the data it involves. You can expect to see coded examples of data preprocessing steps and model recommendations that make sense for your project. How much help you get with your project (including how much code will be done for you) is configurable as part of the service. I can provide one-time help on your project, or recurring consulting to course-correct over time.

Pricing for the Project Accelerator depends on the project and what specific help you seek. There's no commitment on your side until we've defined a plan specifically tailored to your needs. Academic institutions and non-profits receive reduced pricing.

Reach out to me via email to get started with the Project Accelerator.

Interview Practice

Got an interview coming up and aren't sure if you are ready? Starting the search for your first data science position? We'll start by creating a plan for what the Interview Practice will entail (with no commitment from you until we've agreed on a complete interview preparation plan). From here, we'll set up a face-to-face video meet to run through a mock interview, conducted in the same manner as a live interview. Expect to have a "whiteboarding" component, where you will write code onto a shared document to lay out your responses. Following the mock, we'll go over your results and identify areas to focus on, as well as cover general interview strategy.

What we cover is entirely customizable to your specific needs, whether you are preparing for an interview that's already on your calendar, or if you're simply getting familiar with being interviewed. This can be a one-time meeting, or we can have several meetings to receive feedback on your progress - whichever fits your needs.

Reach out to me over email to get started with setting up Interview Practice.


New to machine learning and want guidance on how to get started? Aimed at software developers who are transitioning to machine learning engineering, this service will provide a learning plan (complete with projects) that will take you from familiarity with ML terms and concepts, to applying models to real-life problems. The learning will be self-paced, with regular check-ins to ensure weak spots are strengthened, and knowledge gaps are addressed.

Pricing for tutoring is variable dependent on what you specifically seek help with, and the plan is entirely customizable to your needs. There is no minimum tutoring session count (even a one-time meeting is fine), and there is no commitment from you until we have agreed on a complete study plan. Not sure what exactly you need? Contact me and we'll make a concrete plan together!

Reach out to me over email to get started with Tutoring.